May 27, 2022

Quincy Cummard: Club One Senior Interview

Quincy Cummard, OH/OPP for 18Platinum in the 2021-22 club season.

In her senior season at Mesa HS, Quincy earned 6A East Valley Honorable Mention and All-Academic First Team recognition. On the club side, Quincy and the 18Platinum squad won the SCVA Girls 18s NQ to qualify for USAV Nationals, where they placed ninth in the National division. Quincy will continue her academic and athletic career at Eastern Arizona College.

COV: What has playing at Club One meant to you?

QC: “Playing at Club One has meant so much to me in so many ways.

Playing at Club One I was consistently surrounded by coaches who cared about me and pushed me to be my best.

Playing at Club One I played with some amazing teammates who challenged me and made me a better volleyball player and person.

Playing at Club One I have learned to love and enjoy the game of volleyball.

Playing at Club One I felt like I was a part of a big volleyball family.

Playing at Club One I found some of my bestest friends.

Playing at Club One I was accepted for who I am as a player and person.

Playing at Club One I have been supported and shown that I have potential to continue my volleyball career.

Playing at Club One will always be a part of me and I will never forget the lessons I was taught, the travel tournaments, the practices that seemed to never end, the laughs, and most importantly the people I have met.”

COV: What advice would you give younger players about being a good teammate?

QC: “Being a good teammate can be expressed differently through everyone but a couple things I think of that are consistent in a “good teammate” is respect and trust. You must have respect and trust for your teammates and coaches. I have learned that this season especially. Treat your teammates the way you want to be treated. I want my teammates to be happy for me when I do something good, so I will cheer on my teammates when they do something good. I want to trust my teammates will tell me to do something and know it is because they respect me and know I can do better. Know that you are playing on a TEAM and you win and lose as a team so you want everyone to do their best. Acknowledge when someone is struggling and pick them up. Realize that when you aren’t playing your best that you don’t need to struggle alone because you are a part of a team. Find something to always be good and consistent at that may not affect your athletic ability, whether that is being the loudest on the court, showing up and being present, or even just being a good listener. Always strive to be a good teammate because people like playing next to the girl that they know they can trust, and with that will be respectful to one another.”