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Your support empowers us to make a difference in our community. Your tax-deductible donations help fund need-based scholarships for our athletes, provide professional development opportunities for our coaches, offset the cost of high-performance equipment and gear, and build our audacious vision for the future.

A Note From The Founders

My wife and I understand the value that competitive sport offers, from both our own college athletic experiences and those of our daughters. We have seen how youth sports can be a powerful vehicle for developing strong character, in addition to fostering fitness and providing an outlet for that inner competitive drive. With this in mind, we spent the summer of 2010 developing the foundation for the purposeful and unique club culture that is now embodied in Club One.

We wanted to build a sports organization that would respect people as well as promote competition. We wanted to make sure each individual athlete would know their value, while also teaching them that the individual is elevated most effectively in the context of a team. We wanted to make a difference: a difference in the way players and parents are valued, a difference in the way coaches are developed, a difference in the way competition is advanced, and a difference in how success is achieved.

Now, so many years into our journey, we see many of the outcomes we had hoped for taking shape in our athletes and in our like-minded coaches as they commit to the challenge of continual growth and embrace our motto: “We are one.”

We don’t venture to think we have arrived at our goals, but we do believe we are on our way. We realize that our perspective may not align with everyone’s experiences, but we do believe that our culture brings out the best in people and prepares our athletes handsomely for the futures ahead of them.

We hope that you will choose to join us on our continuing journey.

David & Larisa Ronda

Club Directors

Start Small

Donations under $1,000

$45 – a pair of volleyball court shoes

$60 – a regulation leather volleyball

$300 – professional development registration for one coach

$975 – team entry fees for one national qualifier tournament

Give Big

Donations over $10,000

$18,000 – sponsor a coaching staff for one team

$25,000 – contribute toward need-based scholarships for athletes

$100,000 – sponsor a National qualifying team for one season (or multiple Region teams!)

$12M – invest in the development of a new building complex

Others Say It Best

"I am beyond grateful to Club One for giving me the room to grow as a person and leader. It has truly taught me the meaning of “leave it better” and the influence you can have on your teammates and those you surround yourself with."

Layla H.

“Coaches and directors are excellent. We’ve been part of the Club One family for years now! Thanks for the memories.”

Stacy B.

“As parents, we have watched our daughter grow as an athlete, and more importantly as a person, through the indoor and beach programs. What has impressed us most is that you get more than a great volleyball experience at Club One—it’s a highly competitive, yet caring and fun environment that promotes teamwork, family and values. It’s the whole package.”

Connie S.

“Club One is an amazing family environment filled with coaches who really care. I played here throughout high school and there is nowhere I would have rather played.”

Tristan B.

“Club One is more than a terrific volleyball experience, it is a family.  A family that promotes teamwork and integrity, and a family that we are so grateful for and truly value.  Hands down the best coaching staff, parents, and teammates in the valley!  Thank you for loving our daughter like your own.”

Shannon R.

"My daughter has grown so much as a player and a young lady since joining Club One. So thankful for this group!"

Randi B.

“Our daughter played at Club One from 14s to 18s. Every year was a great experience with outstanding coaching. They are well organized and foster a great team culture, as well as developing players individually. The environment is competitive and fun. Our daughter thrived there, had great development every year, and now she is playing vball in college. The club directors are wonderful. And our daughter loved it so much there, she is now going back as a coach!”

Tom S.

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