May 2, 2022

Layla Handley: Club One Senior Interview

Layla Handley (center, #2), OH/DS for 18Platinum in the 2021-22 club season.

In her senior year at Perry HS, Layla was named to the 6A Premier All-Region Second Team and the All-Academic First Team. Her team was ranked #3 in the state leading up to the state tournament. On the club side, Layla and the 18Platinum squad won the SCVA Girls 18s NQ to qualify for USAV Nationals, where they placed ninth in the National division.

COV: What has playing at Club One meant to you?

LH: “Playing at Club One has been the best four years of my volleyball career. Playing here has given me the chance to play at a club where I’ve felt loved as a player and a person, as well as have been surrounded by a supportive community who pushed me to the potential it believed I was capable of. I am beyond grateful to Club One for giving me the room to grow as a person and leader. It has truly taught me the meaning of “leave it better” and the influence you can have on your teammates and those you surround yourself with. Each of my coaches at Club One have left me not only better on the court but have each made me a little bit better of a person in my daily life.”

COV: How have you grown from freshman year to now?

LH: “The changes I have made in my four years of high school are anything but small. My freshman year I was a very timid and quiet person and player who didn’t have a truly strong presence on any of my teams. Over the past four years I have gained both confidence, and a strong voice in all aspects of my life. I have gained a greater competitive drive and have become a much larger presence on the court. I am also a much more outgoing and independent young woman in my daily life. And I give much credit for this happening to my experience at Club One.

“Playing volleyball and playing for Club One has brought me life long friends, given me some of my greatest mentors, and has pushed me to grow as a person. I thank everyone at this club for making my experience beyond memorable.”