Club One Coaches

Meet the people who make Club One and One Beach outstanding. Our coaches are committed to their craft, and our athletes benefit from their education, experience, and expertise.

Indoor Coaching Staff

Alexis Keith

17Gold Assistant Coach

Alyssa Showers

16Gold Assistant Coach

Amy Park

14Yellow Assistant Coach

Anna Stone

13Blue Head Coach

Anna Williams

12Gold Assistant Coach

Arian Bunthanom

18Platinum Assistant Coach

Brian Wagner

16Platinum Head Coach

Caren Coe

14Gold-Caren Head Coach | 18Gold Assistant Coach | 16Red Co-Head Coach

Cassie Richardson

Communications Manager | One U + Rec Programs Lead Coach

Charity Killeffer

16Red Assistant Coach

Christine Winkelman

12Silver Assistant Coach

Christy Wilson

13Silver Head Coach

Claire Fisher

14Gold-Nathan Assistant Coach | 16Red Co-Head Coach

Claudia Wilson

15/16Silver Assistant Coach

Curtis Stones

12Platinum Assistant Coach | Academy Program Co-Lead Coach

Daniel Arrington

12Platinum Head Coach

David Girts

17Gold Head Coach

David Ronda

Club Director

Emil (Nui) Rubin

16/17Blue Head Coach

Emily Joy

12Silver Assistant Coach

Geoff Horewitch

15Platinum Head Coach

Jacob Kelty

17Platinum Assistant Coach

Jason Ta

14Yellow Assistant Coach

Jerry Rosenberg

15Blue Head Coach

Jessica Dale

12Silver Head Coach | 16Gold Assistant Coach

Jim Van Wicklin

15Gold Head Coach

Jordan Bradley

14Yellow Assistant Coach

Kat Glaeseman

17Platinum Assistant Coach

Kelsey Girts

Associate Club Director | 18 Platinum Head Coach | 17 Platinum Head Coach

Klohe Harrion

14Platinum Assistant Coach

Kris Maglunog

14Platinum Head Coach | 15/16 Silver Head Coach

Kristi King

18Gold Head Coach

Kristle Schulz

14Gold-Caren Assistant Coach

Larisa Ronda

Club Director

Maddie Marcotte

13Silver Assistant Coach

Mahea Rubin

16/17Blue Assistant Coach

Matea Suan

16Platinum Assistant Coach

Melissa Blockey

13Platinum Assistant Coach

Micah Steiner

14Blue Head Coach | 14Yellow Head Coach

Michael Shannon

16Gold Head Coach

Michelle Ogle

13Blue Assistant Coach

Nathan Saunders

14Gold-Nathan Head Coach

Paige Padilla

15Platinum Assistant Coach

Rachel Butler

15Blue Assistant Coach

Rachel Stones

15Platinum Assistant Coach | Academy Program Co-Lead Coach

Raiyen Fielding

16Red Head Coach | 15Gold Assistant Coach

Ray Wrublik

14Red Head Coach

Riley Smith

12Gold Head Coach | 18Gold Assistant Coach

Sara Pool

Operations Coordinator

Sarah Adams

17Gold Assistant Coach | 14Platinum Assistant Coach

Shelby Babcock

18Platinum Assistant Coach

Shelby Baker

11Platinum Assistant Coach

Tait Neilson

16Platinum Assistant Coach

Tawnie Weaver

15Gold Assistant Coach

Tony Lee

13Platinum Head Coach | 11Platinum Head Coach

Tyler Kraemer

14Blue Assistant Coach

Yazmin Zamora

14Red Assistant Coach

Beach Coaching Staff

Aimee Richardson

18-Tempe Head Coach

Alyssa Rex

18-Black Assistant Coach | Mental Performance Coach

Bryan Carvahlo

18-Black Assistant Coach

Jackie Bunker

Jenn Moore

14-Gilbert Head Coach | 18-Select Assistant Coach | 14-Select Assistant Coach

Justin Marshall

18-Black Head Coach

Kristal Harris

14-Tempe Head Coach

Matea Suan

14-Select Assistant Coach

Mike Carrington

18-Select Head Coach | 18-Gilbert Head Coach

Priscilla Tallman

Mental Performance Coach

Rich Lanzone

18E-Boys Lead Coach

Ryan Wrublik

One Beach Director | 14-Select Head Coach

Vanessa Bernzen

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