June 29, 2020

How to Watch Great Volleyball Matches

If you want to see huge growth in your game, use some of your time at home to watch and learn from great volleyball athletes.

On the Club One AZ YouTube channel, we’ve curated a playlist featuring Great Matches from the International, NCAA, Community College, and High School levels.

Take a break from binging your favorite show to watch one of these matches and study specific players. Pick one of the bullets below and ask yourself those same questions throughout the match.

  • Who is playing your position? What are they doing well?
  • Who is excelling in a skill you want to get better at? What do you notice about the way they play?
  • What plays stand out to you? Can you visualize yourself making that same play?
  • What areas are open on the court? Where would you hit or serve if you were trying to score?

You’ll be amazed to see what you learn by watching closely!