June 1, 2020

What is “Small Group Training”?

At Club One, we frequently offer Small Group Training (SGT) sessions during the off-season for athletes seeking positional skills training and quality reps.

Our coaches train just one or two skills each session—for example, Serving & Passing, or Attacking. To create a “Small Group” environment, each session has a player-to-coach ratio of no more than 7:1. This also helps us maintain social distancing and other safety measures in our gym.

During SGT, one to two Club One coaches will work with the group to break down the featured skill(s) into its basic components. They give each athlete targeted feedback and instruction every step of the way. Athletes then have opportunities to implement that feedback through practice and repetitions throughout the session.

We tailor these sessions to experienced volleyball athletes who have at least one season of club competition under their belts. Athletes from any club are welcome.

If your athlete wants to develop proper technique, grow in confidence, and excel in specific skills, sign them up for Small Group Training this summer! See our Events page for all the details.