June 10, 2022

Cynae Cureton: Club One Senior Interview

Cynae Cureton (left), OH for 18Gold in the 2021-22 club season.

In her senior year at Casa Grande Union HS, Cynae was named to the 5A Sonoran All-Region Second Team. On the club side, Cynae and the 18Gold squad placed second at the Fiesta Classic and later became the first Gold-level team in club history to earn a bid to USAV Nationals.
COV: What has playing at Club One meant to you?
CC: “Playing at Club One has been the best club experience ever. Not only is Club One next-level volleyball, it is one big family. I love the feeling of walking into the gym and being greeted by everyone whether you know them or now. Being a part of the COV family has brought me many lifelong friends and amazing teammates that I could not have gotten anywhere else. I’m so proud to be able to say I will forever be a Club One alumni.”
COV: What has volleyball taught you?
CC: “Volleyball has taught me how to be mentally tough and that it is okay to lean on someone else for help. Even on your worst days or games when you think the world is ending, you have to push through and open up to your teammates so they can help bring you back up. Everything about volleyball involves the team…except for serving; MAKE YOUR SERVE!”
COV: What is a volleyball memory that still makes you laugh to this day?
CC: “One time last year, Maddy (Thomas), Aislinn (Conner) and I were standing on the bleachers watching the first Mini-Volley game that COV was hosting a couple minutes before practice. We were talking and all of a sudden someone farted and it was really loud and smelled really bad. Right when it happened, a coach came over to us and asked to take a picture of us watching the littles playing. We said yes of course but we were red from laughing and holding our breath because it was such a bad smell to be stuck in. Later after our practice we checked our phones and the picture was posted to the COV Instagram page. Throughout the season the picture was used on various newsletters and posts and every time we saw it, it made us crack up laughing. Even now, me and Maddy reminisce and pull up the picture for a good laugh!”