November 14, 2019

The Importance of Body Language

“By the time you’ve walked into the gym for volleyball tryouts, your game is your game. You’ve practiced. You’ve trained. You’ve arrived at the gym on time – or at least you better have. And you’re definitely not walking in head down, eyes glued to your phone, right?


So pretty much all that’s left is to do your best. But there is one thing you can still control.

Body language.”

Did you know our coaches evaluate an athlete’s body language just as much as their volleyball skill?

At Pre-Tryout events and on Tryout Day, coaches observe how athletes react to errors, how they interact with teammates, how they respond to feedback & instruction, and more.

Thankfully, adjusting your body language is a lot easier than learning a new volleyball skill. And as this article points out, good body language has lots of benefits!

  • It increases your confidence, creating a more enjoyable tryout process.
  • It has a positive impact on those playing around you.
  • It helps you stand out!
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