18 Platinum
What a great group of player and coaches! You all make this so worth it! Pictured - 2014 Jr. National Qualifiers - 18 Platinum

We’re excited to host many former Club One players at our Third Annual Alumni Invitational on Thursday, December 29th! Each of them played a part in #LeavingItBetter.

Looking forward to some healthy competition between the "older" girls and the young blood... See pictures from our past Invitationals here.

With the first week of practices in the books, Holiday tournaments are just around the corner! Check with your coaches for time and location details.

Club Tryouts for 14U ane 18U teams are done, but there are a few 11-12U & 15-16U Region age group spots still open. Contact us here to inquire about specific positions.

Our Club One Alumni Night is on the books for December 29th! Come and watch some of our Alumni compete agains our current teams or join us for the Recuiting Q&A session. More details to come...

Club One has joined with the YMCA to offer a Fall League for 4-6 grade Girls and Boys as well as 7-9 grade Girls! See details here.

School season and Boys Club are right around the corner, are you ready? Check out the One Beach page for upcoming Beach Training Season beginning August 15th for girls and boys.

Check out all the events we have planned for the Fall - One U Clinics, Open Gyms, and fun 4x4 Tournament on the One U page and on our calendar.

Check out new offering of our popular Small Group Positional Training at the Private Training link. See details for all our summer training activities on the One U page.

See the schedule for our Summer One U Clinics, Open Gyms, and fun 4x4 Tournaments on One U page and on the calendar.

The boys are off to the SCVA Holiday Classic this week. Lots of great competition ahead of them!

The Region Championships are coming fast! And the boys will be heading to SCVA Holiday Classic in December as well. #NoMatterWhat

The boys are working hard in the gym in preparation for their first Power Tournament on Sept 24th. Check out all the information on the Boys Club page.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? We’ll be hosting a One Beach Doubles tournament, and you should be there! Boys and girls are welcome to play in one of two age divisions on December 31st. See the Beach Tournaments page for all the deets.

The One Beach All Skills Camp is right around the corner! Join us for 3 days of intensive Beach Volleyball training December 19-21st! Details here.

Check out the One Beach Club page for our upcoming Beach Training Session, starting on January 2nd! Offering 1, 2, or 3days/week training sessions each month.

Do you think coaches have "favorite" players? I do. And apparently there are other coaches that do as well...

"My favorite players show enthusiasm, look at me when I talk, [more]

The words we use do make a difference, don't they. Check out what Daniel Coyle has to say about the difference between Drill and Challenge in his October 6th post @ TheTalentCode.com

Musings on Volleyball and the mindset it takes to compete and succeed in this sport. We will offer insights from some of our coaching staff as well as share some of the things that we come across as we are “out there” studying the game.

We realize that skill is certainly a big part of what makes for success, but without the development of the mind, there are limitations to how much growth one can expect. Let’s explore more together!

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